Call for Papers

The IIAI International Conference on Applied Information Technologies brings together scientists, engineers, computer users, and students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects (theory, applications and tools) of applied computer and information science, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The conference will cover a broad set of research topics including, but not limited to, the following:

Artificial Intelligence
Communication Systems & Networks
Component-Based Software Engineering
Computer Architecture and VLSI
Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
Database, Data Warehousing, Data Engineering
Distributed Computing
Economic and Financial Systems
Image, Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing
Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
Information Science and Systems
Intelligent Agent Technology, Agent Based Systems
Intelligent Control Systems
Internet Technology and Applications, e-Commerce
Middleware Architectures & Techniques
Mobile/Wireless Computing
Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
Parallel and Distributed Computing & Systems
Programming Languages, Compilers, & Operating Systems
Software Architectures, Design Patterns, Frameworks
Software Engineering and Information Engineering
Software Metrics & Project Management
Software Reuse, Design Patterns
Software Testing and Tools
Techniques for specification, Verification and Validation
Technology Education and Training
UML, OO Modeling & Simulation
Visual and Multimedia Computing
Web Engineering & Applications

Paper type

The conference is soliciting Full papers (6 pages), short paper (4 pages), and poster paper (2 pages) on all aspects of the above research areas. Submitted papers will be evaluated on significance, originality, technical quality, and exposition. They should clearly establish the research contribution. All accepted papers will be provided an oral presentation at the conference. Each paper needs to be reviewed by at least four PC members or experts in the field.

: Full Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of 6 pages.
: Short Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of 4 pages.
: Poster Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of 2 pages.

Format Guidelines: We encourage submission in CPS style format. All submissions must include the author's name(s), affiliation, complete mailing address, phone number, fax number and email address. All papers must be submitted in PDF format.


Accepted papers are published in proceedings by IIAI.

For the post-conference publication several special issues in journals are planned. Selected papers are invited to be published in IEE (Information Engineering Express: International Journal), IJSCAI (International Journal of Smart Computing and Artificial Intelligence), and IJTPSE (International Journal of Thepry and Practice in Software Engineering) , Tourism Informatics published by Springer.


From the result of review and presentations, five best paper candidates are selected, and one best paper is selected in technical session. The conference would award best student paper award and best poster award.

Best paper candidate: Best 6 papers from all submitted papers are selected based on the review score.

Best paper award: Best one paper from best paper candidates is selected through synthetic evaluation based on the review score and presentation. Presentations are evaluated by all audiences in the best paper candidate track.

Best student paper award: Best one paper authored and presented by student is selected through synthetic evaluation based on the review score and presentation.

Best poster award: Best one poster presented in poster session is selected based on the presentation. Best poster is evaluated by all participants.